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What is SES

Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

What are Supplemental Educational Services (SES)? 

SES are free tutoring services that are available to increase the academic achievement of students from low-income families attending public schools receiving Title I funds and designated as Program Improvement (PI), Year 2 or beyond. 

The tutoring services are to be provided beyond the regular school day and must be research-based, consistent with the core academic content and instruction used by the local educational agency (LEA), and aligned with the state academic content standards in English-language arts (ELA), science and mathematics. 

Who is eligible for SES? 

Students from low-income families at continuing PI schools are eligible for free (SES). These services are classes or tutoring which occur outside the regular school day with educational providers approved by the State Board of Education. If the number of eligible students who apply for the SES program exceeds the financial resources available, the lowest achieving students from low-income families will receive SES first. In other words, Del Norte County Unified School District is limited in the number of slots available due to funding, so again, students from low-income families, and low-achieving (not proficient in English/Language Arts, Math, or Science from results on the California Standards Tests) will be the first priority. 

There are many benefits to your child(ren) receiving free tutoring. [Examples are described below. District may choose or add additional benefits.] 

*He/she receives specific help in English-language arts, mathematics, and or science. 

*The tutoring is provided beyond the regular school day. 

*The tutoring is delivered in a one-to-one setting or in small groups. 

*A student learning plan will address his/her specific academic needs. 

*You, as the parent/guardian, will be consulted in developing your child’s learning plan. 

SES Tutoring Application -  In Español Please print out this application and either send it to your child's school or mail it to:

Jacki Woods
301 W. Washington Blvd.
Crescent City, CA  95531