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School Driver Instructions and Registration


All person’s requesting permission to transport students shall comply with the District per Board Policy # 3541.3.  Drivers will be asked to provide the following:

1.  A valid driver’s license

2.  Current DMV H-6 printout, current within 6 months. (can be obtained at DMV)

3.  Current liability insurance at or above the minimum amount required b law for each  


Drivers may carry only the number of passengers for which the vehicle was designed.  If using a pickup truck, they may carry only as many as can safely sit inside the passenger compartment.  Vehicle Code 23116 (Transporting Person in Back of Pickup)

Drivers must require each passenger to use an appropriate child passenger restraint system or safety belt in accordance with Vehicle Code 27315 (Mandatory Use of Seat Belts) or Vehicle Code 27360.5 (Child Passenger Restraint).

The above requirements must be approved by the District Transportation Department prior to the transportation of students.

In case of an emergency, keep all children together and call:

1.  9-1-1
2.  The School District Office at 464-6141
3.  The Transportation Office at 464-0250
4. If there is no one available at the District Office or Transportation Office, call the next person on the Emergency 
Contact List or the appropriate site administrator.

All drivers must complete a School Driver Registration Form and the Authorization for Release of Driver Record Information Form before being approved to drive. You may also download the above Driver Instructions for your use.