Program Improvement 

Program Improvement School Requirements


The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 2001 requires all states to create their own high academic standards for what a child should know and be able to do for all grades in English-language arts and mathematics. Every school must improve each year until all students meet these standards. This yearly improvement in school performance, which includes the academic standards and other components, is called Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).


ESEA also requires the California Department of Education (CDE) to annually review the performance of each local educational agency (LEA) that receives funds under Title I, Part A. An LEA can be a school district or a county office of education. An LEA receiving Title I, Part A, funds is identified for Program Improvement (PI) if it does not meet AYP goals for two consecutive years within specific areas, focused primarily on academic achievement in English-language arts and mathematics.


ESEA requires the CDE to inform parents/guardians of students about LEA performance.  Del Norte County Unified School District has been identified as a PI LEA. You can find specific achievement data used to make this decision at the California Dept. of Education DataQuest Website.  If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact Connie Gilman in the district office at 464-0210 and a hard copy of the report will be provided. 


Del Norte County Schools receives Title III supplemental funding from the federal government to help English learners (ELs) and immigrant students attain English proficiency and to achieve in reading and mathematics in order to meet the state’s academic and content standards. School districts and other agencies that receive Title III funds are reviewed each year, as required under the ESEA Act of 2001, to see if they meet the three Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs) for their English learners:

  • Progress in learning English
  • Progress in the percentage of students who become proficient in English
  • Academic targets in English-language arts and mathematics

For the 2011-12 school year, Del Norte County Schools did not meet these targets for the fifth consecutive year.

As a PI LEA and Title III Year 4 LEA, our Del Norte County Schools must:

  •  Post the approved revised LEA Plan on our website and the California Accountability and Improvement System (CAIS) to address the EL subgroup.
  •  Reserve at least ten percent of our annual Title I allocation to provide professional development for teachers and administrators.
  •  Continue to provide assistance to schools identified for PI.
  •  Quarterly monitor the implementation of the LEA plan.


    Name of School - PI Year
    Bess Maxwell Elementary - Year 2

    Crescent Elk Middle - Year 3 

    Del Norte High - Year 4

    Joe Hamilton Elementary - Year 5

    Margaret Keating Elementary - Year 1

    Mary Peacock Elementary - Year 2
                                                                                                                                   Click above for SES Information 
    Redwood Elementary - Year 4

    Smith River Elementary - Year 5

How can parents help their school and LEA improve?

Here are some suggestions to help you work with your school and LEA to support improvements:


Learn more about the ESEA/NCLB requirements and become aware of strategies to improve student academic achievement. Additional information and resources are available at the following Web sites:

  •  Talk with LEA staff about the LEA Plan and the program changes that must be made to help students meet the state standards in ELA and mathematics.
  •  Visit your child’s school. You also may participate in voluntary activities to assist your school.
  •   If you are a parent of a student who attends a Title I PI school, ask about school choice options to transfer your child, with paid transportation, to a public school in your LEA that is not identified as a Program Improvement school.
  •  If you are a parent of a student who attends a Title I school that has been in PI for two years or more, ask about supplemental educational services that may be available for your child. Supplemental educational services are tutoring services provided outside of the regular school day for eligible students.

Contact Connie Gilman for further information about any of these requirements and to find out how you can become involved in PI efforts.


Program Improvement Timeline from CDE