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TPP Brochure


              To be eligible for TPP services a student must…

                       · Be enrolled in a high school education program.

                       · Have a learning, physical, or emotional impairment/disability.

                       · Meet eligibility requirements defined by the Department of Rehabilitation.


What is the Transition Partnership Program (TPP)

TPP is designed to serve high school students who have specific impairments which interfere with successful employment. TPP is funded by the California State Department of Rehabilitation (DR) in cooperation with the Del Norte County Office of Education.

Our purpose is to provide a working partnership with local businesses, schools and students with special needs.

Our goal is to assist students with challenges in their transition from high school to meaningful employment. 

Employers receive. . . 

· Workers who are screened and matched to employer needs

· Students who are ready to work

· On-site job coaching when necessary

· Follow-up and intervention

· Paid training wages and benefits (in most cases)