What is Transitional Kindergarten (TK)?  Transitional Kindergarten is a new early childhood education program that builds a bridge between the preschool years and the traditional kindergarten curriculum.

Transitional Kindergarten is designed for (but not restricted to) students with birthdays between September 2 and December 2 who may not be socially and/or academically ready for entry into traditional kindergarten, although they are age-eligible.  The TK Class for in-town students is located at Joe Hamilton and Pine Grove Elementary School for all district students.  For students attending Redwood School, they will need to attend either Joe Hamilton or Pine Grove.  For  Smith River, Margaret Keating & Mountain Schools, a Kindergarten-Transitional Kindergarten Combination class will be offered.

This program gives children the “gift of time” to build the necessary social and academic skills for success throughout their school experience. Transitional Kindergarten is based on the California Kindergarten Standards, including focused instruction in literacy and numeracy and a strong emphasis on self-regulation and social engagement.

How is the classroom program structured? Transitional Kindergarten follows the schedule of the daily traditional kindergarten program. The daily schedule includes whole group instruction and activities, small group instruction, and independent “hands-on” learning. Transitional kindergartners enjoy lunch and recess with their kindergarten friends and participate in all kindergarten activities throughout the year, including music, art, and motor skills development.

How can families be involved in Transitional Kindergarten? Communication between home and school is essential in helping your child succeed. Parents are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s learning journey at home and at school. There are a variety of activities and workshops planned to support you and your child in Transitional Kindergarten. Assessments and teacher observations will be used to monitor your child’s growth and progress throughout the year. Staff will use this information to guide instruction that’s individualized to meet your child’s needs. In the Spring of the Transitional Kindergarten year, you and your child’s teacher will discuss recommendations for the following year to see which instructional setting is best for your child, kindergarten or first grade.

Working together will help you stay connected! We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Transitional Kindergarten!

The Kindergarten Readiness Act of 2010 (Senate Bill 1381 and related implementation details in Senate Bill 30) has enacted a historic reform to help ensure that California children are better prepared to succeed in kindergarten and beyond

The legislation changes the requirements for kindergarten entry from five years old by December 2 to five years old by September 1, so that all children enter kindergarten at age five. The new law amends the state Education Code relating to kindergarten to create "transitional kindergarten," the first year of a two-year kindergarten experience for students born between September and December. This gives four-year-olds with fall birthdays an additional year of preparation before entering kindergarten. Del Norte County School District is supporting local schools in implementing the Kindergarten Readiness Act. For more information on Transitional Kindergarten, please visit the following sites; California Department of Education, California Kindergarten AssociationPreschool California, and the California Transitional Kindergarten Library