Here are some ways to help your child get ready for Kindergarten.

1.  Talk about Kindergarten often and with enthusiasm.
2.  Read to your child every day.
3.  Practice counting
4.  Work on the ABCs.
5.  Help your child learn how to spell his/her name.
6.  Work with colors and shapes.
7.  Talk to your child about sharing.
8.  Make sure your child knows about safety.
9.  Get your child up to date on all required immunizations
10.  Reassure your child often.

Send your child to Kindergarten knowing that they are going to a great place to learn and make new friends.  Be there when they get home and let them share their day with you.  Keep them enthused about learning and growing.  Spend time each day working with your child on all the things they have and will be learning in school.